Vaccinations are very important and are among the most effective and important medical treatments.

Modern vaccines are well tolerated; persistent severe adverse drug reactions occur in only very rare cases. 

The immediate goal of a vaccination is to protect vaccinated individuals from a certain disease. Through widespread vaccination, it is possible to regionally eliminate certain pathogens and ultimately eradicate them worldwide.

The elimination of measles, rubella and poliomyelitis is the stated and achievable goal of national and international health policy.

For persons of all ages, in particular those who have frequent interaction with pregnant women and small children, a complete, up to date vaccination status is of utmost importance for preventing infections.

Vaccination record check

You provide me with your so-called “vaccination passport” (Impfpass).

I will create a vaccination plan based on the current recommendations of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) and vaccinate you.

HPV vaccination

The vaccination against cervical cancer in recommended for all girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 17.