Dr. med. Roswitha Engel-Széchényi

Gynecology - Obstetrics - Psychotherapy - Sexual Medicine
Competency from one source!

Gynecology & obstetrics

Self-determined gynecology & obstetrics - your health, our focus.

Psychotherapy & couple therapy

Holistic psychotherapy & couple therapy - together to more joie de vivre.

Sexual medicine

For a fulfilled love life and physical well-being.

Your gynecologist
in Stuttgart

As a medical specialist in gynecology/ obstetrics/

psychotherapy/ sexual medicine/ couples therapy, I am your contact person in all life situations-

holistically and personally.

In my new private practice in the historic Marquardtbau in the center of Stuttgart, I work according to my mission statement to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Time and convenience are important components here.

Fast, flexible scheduling of appointments without wait times, modern facilities, and an excellent traffic connection provide for a comfortable first step into my practice.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours, Roswitha Engel-Széchényi

My Focus

Your health and well-being are important to me.

Gynecology and Women’s Health

I am committed to providing you with competent care in all areas of women's health- from the young girl to the elderly woman!


Children are our future - As a specialist and mother, I will guide and accompany you through this exciting time of pregnancy.

Sexual consultation &
Sexual therapy

As a sexual medicine professional and couples therapist, I will advise and treat you and your partner in all questions and difficulties in your sex life.

The Practice

Our gynecological private practice is located in the historic Marquardt building in the center of Stuttgart.

Online appointment booking

Fast & flexible appointment booking around the clock.

Modern practice rooms

Our practice rooms are modern and offer a feel-good atmosphere.

In the middle of Stuttgart

Our practice is in the heart of Stuttgart, in the Marquardt building. Thanks to public transport, it is easy to reach.

Your opinion is important to us

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