Women’s Health

I am committed to providing you with competent care in all areas of women's health-
from the young girl to the elderly woman!

Cancer screenings

  • Breast cancer screenings by palpation of the breast, ultrasound scans of the breast or utilization of further imaging methods such as mammography or MRI of the breast
  • Screening to prevent cervical cancer with cytological smear of the cervix and colposcopy of the uterine orifice
  • Ultrasound (possibly using Doppler ultrasound) of the cervix and ovaries, as well as the recto-uterine pouch and the urinary bladder for early detection of pathological benign changes like fibroids, cysts, thickened mucus membrane or polyps, but also for diagnosing potentially malignant changes like ovarian or cervical cancer.
  • Screening for vaginal or vaginal entrance cancer through careful inspection and colposcopy
  • Bladder cancer screening
  • Colorectal cancer screening

Cancer follow up examinations

  • Guideline-based aftercare examinations of all gynecological cancers in quarterly or half-yearly intervals including blood sampling, ultrasound examinations, swabbing, treatment with medication and with particular attention the psychosocial and sexual difficulties involved with the disease.

Teenager girl consultation

  • Consultation and vaccination against cervical cancer (HPV vaccination)
  • Contraception consultation
  • Consultation and therapy for puberty-related acne
  • Consultation and information on all puberty-related questions regarding one’s period, menstrual hygiene and the “first time”.

Consultation and examination regarding contraception

  • Selecting the appropriate form of contraception
  • Insertion and replacement of spirals

Laboratory testing for sexually transmitted infections

Including chlamydia screening and HIV test

Ultrasound examinations

(possibly with Doppler and 3D ultrasound) of the breast and reproductive organs

Fertility consultations

in the case of difficulty in conceiving

Vaccination consultation and vaccination

at any age

Hormone analysis and hormone consultation

  • in the case of endocrinological disorders (e.g. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), acne, menopause)
  • in the case of exhaustion
  • for monitoring drug therapies
  • for diagnosing infections and functional disturbances
  • Consultation and examination in the case of urinary incontinence and complaints of prolapse

  • with the start of a drug therapy
  • possibly with the insertion of a pessary
  • possibly for indicating a surgical therapy
  • Consultation and support of sexually traumatized patients

    In the aftermath of sexual violence or abuse, which requires special knowledge of the accompanying anxieties and disassociations.


    Diagnosis and treatment of pain despite a normal physical examination (somatoform disorders)

    In the field of gynecology these are primarily:

    chronic lower abdominal pain syndromes, chronic itching in the labial and vaginal orifice region, chronic vaginal burning and pain during sexual intercourse.


    Indication under consideration of possible alternatives with upcoming surgeries